We are talking about the third largest city in Spain, after the traditional Madrid and Barcelona. A land through which Romans, Muslims and Christians have passed; leaving all its great culture, traditions, technology and a mystery around all this futuristic city. Without a doubt, it is one of the oldest cities on the Iberian Peninsula.

Looking for an epic location? Valencia has an extensive historical and monumental heritage with various cultural spaces, a real saving for national and international tourism. Valencia has a beach, mountains and great architectural value from its Cathedral dating from 1238, to the impressive City of Arts and Sciences.

Perhaps the most famous location in Valencia, which attracts millions of tourists a year and has been the scene of the biggest festivals, movies, series, shootings and everything you can imagine. This city, full of modernity and futurism, has inspired hundreds of directors in the United Kingdom who are looking for a place to make their productions.

Without fear of being wrong, we can recommend Valencia as a fantastic opportunity for any type of filming. If you are looking for a traditional space, full of culture and tradition or if your audiovisual production is pursuing inspiring, futuristic and cosmopolitan images and shapes.

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