Now they have set the bar very high in terms of cameras and essential equipment for recording documentaries or movies. On this occasion, in the front room of 2023, we will talk about camera trends for this type of production.

Sony, a trusted partner. The VENICE 2 cinema camera has been created by and for cinematographers. The camera is equipped with one of two Full Frame image sensors, which offer exceptional image quality. Thanks to new internal recording capabilities, users can capture even more colors and details in the compact body they are already familiar with. It offers the choice between 8K and 6K sensors, both with incredibly wide latitude and color gamut. Filmmakers can enjoy greater freedom of expression in gradation than ever before, with 16 or more than 15 steps of latitude, respectively, and exquisite color reproduction.

More colors, for greater expression. It features one of two 36 x 24mm Full Frame image sensors, specifically designed for the demands and performance of high-end cinematography.

Recording in up to 8K, 16-bit colors, and high sensor readout speeds allow filmmakers to focus on shooting virtual sets rather than technical limitations. The seamless synchronization with the advanced Crystal LED drivers is unique in the industry.

And when it comes to accessories and cuteness, the VENICE 2 features a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, LUTs, CDLs, and ART files can be imported directly to the cameras, so there’s no need to physically load them with SD cards. .

A new era begins.

For over a decade the ARRI ALEXA camera family has set the gold standard for digital cinematography. Now, ALEXA 35 raises the bar even higher with a new Super 35 format 4.6K sensor and REVEAL Color Science. Can be used with a vast array of modern, vintage, anamorphic, or spherical optics, giving you a far broader lens choice if you want to shoot with ARRI cameras while fulfilling native 4K mandates. The exceptionally wide focal length range of the ARRI Signature lens family makes it just as suitable for Super 35 as for large format, delivering beautifully rich and textured images that take full advantage of the new sensor.

ALEXA 35 is the smallest fully featured ARRI production camera ever, packing the features and processing power of a larger ALEXA into a Mini-sized body that can record native 4K at up to 120 fps.

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