It is increasingly common to find mega productions in Spanish, names like Joaquin Phoenix, John C. Really, among others, are some of the actors who have tasted the honey of Spanish productions. Since 2007, there has been a “boom” by international production companies that see Spain and its cities as ideal locations to shoot movies, documentaries or television series.

From the north of the peninsula to the Canary Islands, we offer impressive locations for any type of production you have in mind. This type of international productions are fostering a very important synergy between companies in the audiovisual sector that serve as links for foreign projects. This economic impact is such that the Spanish film industry has had remarkable growth in recent years. The Gran Canaria Film Commission points out that in 2018, 193 audiovisual productions were made, including films, series and advertising, which resulted in 1,135 days of work and which left 15.8 million euros on the island.

And it is that the benefits of filming in Spain are several: There are different types of locations available and a large number of very different landscapes, from deserts, futuristic cities like Valencia, to monumental castles worthy of any epic series. On the other hand, in Spain the 2014 corporate tax law (article 36) states that foreign productions can deduct up to 20% of the investment in film productions, audiovisual series and live performances of performing arts and music. In addition, Spanish producers who participate in these foreign productions are also entitled to this deduction. The return limit of the money invested is three million euros and the production must leave at least one million euros in the territory.

But other communities such as the Canary Islands, Navarra and the Basque Country have even better conditions. On the islands, the deduction reaches 40% and the maximum return limit is 5.4 million euros. Very optimal figures for large productions. In Navarra the deduction is 35% and in the Basque Country up to 30% is offered for international co-productions.

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