Is your production sustainable? Read all our tips

Over the last few years, environmental issues have become more prominent. Climate change is a reality for which we are all responsible and must take action. All industries, to a greater or lesser extent, are adapting their production processes to contribute in some way to the sustainability of the planet, and the film industry is not going unnoticed in this matter.

For this reason, in this post we will review what is being done and what will be done in the next shootings to turn them as green as possible.

In the last Cinema and Climate Change Conference held as part of the LXIV Valladolid International Film Week (Seminci), some renowned professionals from the film industry shared some eco-friendly measures they are implementing in their sets to contribute to this cause.

Firstly, the “law of the botijo” of the director Álvaro Longoria, who proposes the use of reusable containers for all the members on a shooting in order to end the excessive use of plastic bottles they were used to. Following this line, Longoria also proposes the use of rented or reused clothing, ecological make-up and more efficient electricity systems. In addition, he has banned the use of private planes as a mean of transport. As it can be seen, this director has taken the cause seriously and is implementing real measures to reduce the environmental impact.

Other options proposed during the conference were to take care of the exterior locations. Spain is a territory with fantastic spaces for filming and people must be respectful of the natural environment, which is why a very simple rule is proposed, “leave it as you found it”, a rule based on respect for the space used and which chooses not to make any changes after having filmed in it.

On the other hand, it is important to have sustainable suppliers who allow a day’s worth of filming to have no negative impact on the world.

To conclude, the responsible use of communication is  also fundamental, and we must create awareness about how to take care of the environment and improve the

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