What is marketing strategy? The pandemic showed us that practically, without content, the quarantine would have been impossible to bear. Music, movies and all the artistic offer hosted on the web, made this process of confinement worldwide more bearable. And it is that the video continues to boom, mainly because more and more users prefer this type of format over others.

By 2023, video will continue to be a trend and used to offer knowledge. Companies must use this format to offer conferences, tutorials and other audiovisual teaching materials. Although there are companies that are not really in the education sector, today’s decision makers highly value companies that shows expertise in the sector in which they work, and even more so if they share it with others.

Another trend for the following year is augmented reality and interactive videos. Users are accustomed to new experiences and technologies, so advertising delivered through a video that makes them participate will be one of the new marketing bets by large companies.

Finally, let’s not forget that it is about telling stories and transmitting emotions to the audiences. That is why it is key that you work with video professionals, capable of building a story and telling it in 24 frames per second. Marketing Strategy importance.

At Crew IN Motion, we are experts from finding the perfect location, recording with the highest quality and taking it to the highest level to tell the story you need. Remember it! Before, the content strategy was to be present in all possible channels, today with so much bombardment of messages, the important thing is to work on the attention and relevance of that content that will leave a mark on the viewer. At this moment, nothing like a video to achieve it. Do you know about Marketing Strategy? 

The way we memorize depends on the emotions we feel. At Crew In Motion, we are clear about that.

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