Steps to use a Chroma Key

Lately, many films and series are using Chroma Key to reduce production costs and place their characters in distant or imaginary locations from the studio, but do you know how to do it? Here are some of our tips to achieve cinematic effects in your productions.

  1. Green or blue?

Why are these colors used? Both are cool in temperature and, on the color scale, are the opposite of the most skin-colored tones. It is essential that we generate a contrast between the background color and the element we place in front of it.

And why is green used more? Unlike blue, green requires less lighting. Also, most digital cameras have a filter that doubles the amount of green light captured by the device, which allows computers to filter better this color.

Colours to suit every taste!

  1. What kind of chroma key to use?

You can use anything from hanging fabric to cardboard on a wall. We recommend painting or using a green or blue wall, so you get a uniform background without having to worry about wrinkles.

  1. Before recording…
  • Make sure there is a distance of at least 2 meters between the background and the element or character in front of it
  • Check that everything is perfectly lit! Make sure there are no shadows
  • Although it may seem obvious, your characters should not wear or carry accessories that can be confused with the color of the background

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