Are drones the future of film production?

Drones are opening up a new world of creative possibilities in all kinds of audiovisual productions. Although you have to follow a very strict legislation to fly, drone’s possibilities are almost endless. In productions with a limited budget, spectacular images can be achieved at a more than reasonable cost. In some cases a drone can be used to replace expensive cranes and even some travelling shots as well as classic aerial shots and the most varied combinations.

Drones can be categorised into two main groups. Those that are controlled by a single pilot, with which you can get really interesting shots but have certain limitations when it comes to making very complex movements; or the group of drones controlled by a pilot and a camera operator where we get highly complex movements.

Also, aerial drones always come to our mind first, but there are also maritime and terrestrial drones. Each of them has a different design to adapt  to the needs of the environment in which it is going to be used. This equipment can explore certain areas where it is not physically possible to access or where accessing would be a high risk to life. So thanks to the drones we can reach places that humans cannot.

In terms of image quality, most drones today can record in 4k and are adapted to incorporate any type of camera into their system. However, for the big screen they may fall short so RED or ARRI cameras would be more suitable. These models need bigger drones with more potent engines to carry them

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