Shoot in Spain: all the advantages that you must know about

Spain is known because of its wonderful weather and food. But it also has been a shooting place for lots of audiovisual productions through the decades. This country isn’t only paella and dance. It counts with some advantages which you need to know if you were doubting about shoot in Spain.

Landscaping and locations

Spain has a big variety of landscapings and nature. Are you looking for a forest? We got it. Do you want to film the sea? Say no more. Do you need mountains for your recording? Here you have a lot to choose. Not only that, but it also has a great quantity of history and patrimony, because of that you have lots of castles, buildings and churches to choose from if you shoot in Spain.

Depending on the type of story that you want to tell, Spain has a location for you. With the diversity that it has, you can choose between cities of the north or cities of the south. It will look like you are in different places. And who is better than the native people to help you choose the perfect location for your shooting?

Professionals of the audiovisual sector 

Spain has a lot of professionals in the audiovisual sector. With a great history, there are a lot of people with a pretty solid formation in the film industry. Moreover, because of the beautiful locations, we can say that Spain has received tons of national and international shootings. It makes these professionals have more and more experience. 

Infrastructures and mobility

Since tourism is one of the main economic sources of the country, it is well prepared in the infraestructures case. There are a lot of hotels and flats, where the filming crew will be able to stay without any problem.

Moreover, Spain has the AVE. This kind of train makes it more comfortable to be able to travel between cities in a short time. 

In addition, because its geographic location makes it really easy to travel by plane to any of the islands. And even other European countries. 

Tax incentives in Spain for foreign filming

There are some laws that dictate that if a foreign movie decides to film in Spain, the government gives them a 30% tax reduction if the minimum expenditure is made in the country. Not only that, but in some places like the Canary Islands or Navarra they will give you a 50% and 35% reduction if you decide to choose them like a destiny to shoot. 


Even though we said that Spain is not only hot weather, it´s true that it plays a fundamental role. We have the mediterranean weather, so in summer we have a lot of sunlight to be able to record longer. In winter you will be able to choose between places where the temperature is quite moderate like in the south of Spain. 

Nevermind, in the north of the country you will be able to find locations with a cold and snowy weather. Here you will be able to see any kind of mountains covered by snow.

Spain, a place with great characteristics 

Spain has a culture where we are always looking for being good hosts to make your experience in our country the best possible for you. The locations, professionals, infrastructures, weather and the culture, make Spain a place with great characteristics to be able to shoot here. If you want to know more about places to shoot in Spain, this article on our blog will interest you.

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