Remote Shooting Solutions

Directing and supervising each step of a production is now possible from the other side of the world via remote control, without having to spend time traveling or wasting dead hours while the technical team prepares the scene.


Getting the right shot, with good framing and perfect lighting. All these details can be now monitored from a thousands of miles away through an HD or 4K streaming broadcast device. Remote shooting has allowed us to reinvent ourselves when filming a production during a global pandemic, and Crew in Motion has all the right tools and newest technology to help you achieve your production the safest and most successful way possible.

One of the most powerful solutions that has emerged is Vidiu X, a high-definition streaming encoder for live streaming. Vidiu X uses H.264 video compression to capture and encode live video and stream it in HD to broadcast platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch and Ustream.

Designed for streamers looking for 1080p video resolution and an HDMI-compatible encoder with cameras, switchers and media players, Vidiu X has entered the market at a time when streaming is experiencing a massive boom.

With the Vidiu app for iOS and Android, users can locally configure their destinations, streaming settings and network connections, all from a smart device. It is also possible to monitor the live stream directly from the app to make sure everything looks good.

Now more than ever we need to keep updated, we have to be more resourceful and adapt to the needs of the changing moment.

Crew In Motion has been working nonstop since the pandemic started to make sure you and your team stay safe while we take all of the legal measures to make your production happen through remote shooting. 

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