We know that the Covid-19 has affected many areas of the population. If we talk about the audiovisual production, we can see that the traditional productions had a massive decrease. Nevertheless, at the same time some specific sectors have been able to adapt to this new dynamics, overcoming a series of challenges.

What has defined this industry during this panorama has been:

  • The flexibility of the production.
  • The innovation in technology and audiovisual content.
  • The search for opportunities.
  • The challenge of knowing how to be able to do the things in that situation.


Due to these characteristics and the rise of the streaming platforms during the lockdown, these platforms have achieved their best moment during the 2020 and later years. Making these companies recover and even improve their production level. Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max… all these platforms have been able to adapt and create a lot of content, following even in recent years.

After the pandemic, the independent production companies or the ones related to tv programmes have seen the light. They have finally been able to film all the content they wanted with more safety. Because of that, between these streaming platforms and these television and independent companies, they have been searching for the best places to shoot. Spain is always one of the best choices, and above all, these 3 cities are mostly chosen by film production companies. 


One of the places that has had a big improvement was the capital of the country. With over 68 series, 44 movies and 350 advertisements shooting in 2021. We can say that Madrid has been able to adapt to this content demand, as well as the efficiency of the sector. Taking hold little by little like a referent in the audiovisual production in the south of Europe. 

Some of the international series filmed in the capital are In from the Cold or Warrior Nun. If we talk about national products The Good Boss or the legendary Money Heist were also filmed here.



Known for its great architecture, Barcelona has welcomed 1610 audiovisual productions in 2021. Lots of the 2020´s stopped productions have come back and they chose Barcelona as their favorite place to shoot. Having some famous buildings such as La Sagrada Familia or Parque Guëll, Barcelona also has beautiful streets and neighborhoods with lots of charms. 

Uncharted has been one of the last international productions that have been able to capture the essence of Barcelona.



One of the favorite cities of foreigners and Spaniards, is well known for their amazing weather and beaches. Valencia is one of the more awaited destiny by the people. Moreover, has achieved the best filming numbers in its city in 2021. This past year, has been able to convert the 64% of the petitions in shootings. A total of 184 audiovisual productions distributed in movies, documentaries, series, television programmes, short films, photo shootings and advertisements. Pain and Glory was one of the films which discovered the beauty of the city, and Intergalactic chose The City of Arts and Sciences as its based dystopic future. 

Not only that, but this 2022 Valencia is already leading with this dynamic. It has begun to announce some international shooting like Amazon productions directed by the Russo brothers, or some national productions as series of the AtresPlayer platform.


These Spanish cities have been able to see a great improvement related to the international and national productions shooting in the country. The cultural diversity that exists in Spain makes it one of the best destinations to film. A lot of different backgrounds and styles make Spain the best city which adapts to what you are looking for.

In our blog you will be able to find more articles related to where to film in Spain. Discover the best buildings and landscapes of the country in which you can imagine that your future audiovisual production could be filmed.

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