The Eco Assistant figure is in charge of complying and advising the productions during the filming.

If we talk about what sustainability is, we can say that is the satisfaction of the actual needs without removing the rights of the future generations. This sustainability is based in the balance of:

  • Economic growth.
  • Welfare care.
  • Environmental care.

Sustainable development is the final idea of all of this. The concern about the environment and sustainable development is increasingly nowadays in all kinds of jobs and aspects of life. Even so, this concern has also reached the filming locations and production companies in Spain.


Due to the streaming platforms, the audiovisual sector is seeing a great growth in terms of the number of shootings made. When the film crew decides to shoot in any natural space, they usually adapt it to their needs. 

This industry is based on the creation of “fake scenarios” whose durability is really short, even ephemeral, consuming the resources of the zones where they film and making a negative impact for the environment and, above all, the society. 


However, and anticipating that this will continue to grow, a series of sustainable requirements are beginning to be demanded. With the creation of a new sustainable department, the figure of the Eco Assistant appears. We know that it is a new and innovative term and not everyone knows exactly what it does. If you are one of those people, don´t worry, that’s what we are here for.

The Eco Assistant figure, an expert in environmental care, is in charge of complying and advising the productions during the filming. This will try to reduce and avoid the overexploitation of the environment and the natural places where it is recorded. Despite the fact that it is a new figure in this sector, we know that in the long run, this will be one of the most important figures of the industry. Only if this figure would gradually get a little weight in each of every audiovisual productions, we would already be improving our current panorama. 


Because of some laws in Spain, they want to reduce the gas emissions and, above all, the audiovisual industry. Transport, illumination, atrezzo, food waste, plastic… This is very common in the sets, so the government will give some funding to those production companies who comply with and include a sustainability measurement system and the environmental impact.  So, if you want to film in Spain this is a must to know.


The audiovisual sector is one of the most influential in the society. Because of that, is the one with the opportunity to help restore the ecosystems by influencing people thanks to its storytellings. If this entire industry starts doing their jobs in a sustainable way, it will have a great impact on any type of work that involves dealing with the environment.

At Crew in Motion, we are aware about this topic. We know that, although it is a slow process, step by step environmental awareness is awakening in the audiovisual production. Our team joins this new sustainable trend. So we want it to be reflected in our video production. Then, if you want to film in Spain, with us the filmation will be as green as we can.
All the services that we offer are designed in such a way where sustainability is the base of all of them. Know more about them and about us in our web section: Production services.

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