2022 was a very special year for film productions in Spain and for the talent behind the camera. There are more and more success stories that have reached platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video or HBO that were shot 100% on Spanish soil, from the spectacular landscapes offered by the Spanish coast, the traditional city of Barcelona and Madrid or Valencia always at the Vanguard.

And it is that seeking success on TV or on digital platforms is not easy, there are a host of factors that must play in favor of a story becoming reality on the screen. That is why the Spanish government has invested heavily to make the country an ideal destination for foreign production companies.

Spain Film Commission is leading five major projects in the Audiovisual Hub plan, each of them designed to drive the modernization and competitiveness of the industry.

 It is also lobbying hard to improve the tax incentives available to filmmakers. At the moment, Spain offers international productions a 30% tax rebate on the first $1.1m (€1m) invested, plus 25% for the remaining expenditure. In the case of the Canary Islands, the figure rises to 50% for the first $1.1m (€1m), and 45% on all investments in excess of that figure, while Navarra offers a 35% tax credit.

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