If you are passionate about audiovisual productions and your biggest dream is to work behind the scenes, you should still consider the profile of the director of photography.

What is a director of photography?

Director of Photography

First of all, we’ll give you a director of photography job description to know what we are talking about when we say director of photography (dop).

Well, a dop is responsible for the image and look of an audiovisual production. They handle everything to do with the image, including camera movements, shooting angles, lens type, lighting, framing, color, and filters.

What does a director of photography do?

Director of Photography

They work very closely with the director of the film, in order to ensure the end result is as close to the director’s vision as possible. They also develop a list of equipment needs for the entire production and coordinate the camera crew. For this reason, their work begins in the pre-production and ends in post-production. 

In summary, they conceptualize the look and feel of the film and do everything necessary to achieve the planned result.

Requirements to be a director of photography

Well, it’s not that easy. To become a dop film you must have studied something related to filmmaking and technical skills in lighting and camera work. Moreover, before you become a dop, you should work as a first assistant camera, gaffer, camera operator, or even production assistant. This will give you the necessary skills and experience to work in your own projects and productions.

Best photography directors in Spain

Director of Photography

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