We interviewed Hernán Pérez, cinematographer and Crew in Motion´s founder. With over 20 years of experience in the audiovisual industry, Hernán has worked in more than 85 cities around the world and has been part of some national and international projects. Returning to Spain in 2007, he decided to found a company where he can transmit the values that has obtained in the experiences of working. His latest job is “GEO. Beyond the limit” a two year-long project where he was in charge of the direction of photography.

  • Starting to know about your vision of the sector, and put us a little in context, tell us, what is the meaning of the direction of photography for you?

The direction of photography consists in how to transmit a message with the light, the composition and the image´s texture. It’s about generating a sensation in the spectator that helps to the director´s message to get to the public. 

  • Related to this first question, when did you decide to found Crew in Motion?

Just after I came back from London to Spain, I lived in Barcelona for some years. When I was there, I thought about what will my future in Valencia be like; a city where the industry had disappeared after the corruption forced to close Channel 9.

After spend 15 years of my life traveling around the world working on international projects, I decided that Valencia was the place where I wanted to settle down like a base camp. Therefore, I needed to build what would be my future when travelling for work was no longer my priority. 

On the other hand, what I have accumulated in these 20 years are my international and national friends of this industry and, definitely, is what Crew in Motion offers these days; professional services around Spain for international people. We are always thinking and asking our friends to find the friends of my friends. 

  • What is the difference between Crew in Motion and the rest of the Spanish production companies?

Our values. Since the first day that we started to give our services, we have always put the freelance in the center. We have never set a rate to our companions. We have always asked them what their rate is and, having that in mind, we started working so that everyone is happy. 

Another example would be the provider´s salary. We are the fastest of the west, and finally, our treatment with our clients. We are honest with the prices policy; we are honest in what we offer. Our productions are fleeting and intense. We want that our clients trust us, despite being far away from their country, with us in their side everything is going to be amazing/smooth.

  • Talking about some personal aspects, in all of your 20 years of experience, you have been shooting in more than 85 cities around the world. What do you think is the most differential advantage of Spain compared to the rest of other countries?

Weather, culture and prices. Depending on what you need, you come to Spain because of one of this three needs.

  • Talking about the technical aspects of the productions, what is the equipment that you enjoy the most?

In those where the technical aspects aren’t a limitation to achieve to tell the story you need. 

  • In this moment of the pandemic, do you think that the sector has suffered? What opportunities do you think Spain has in the sector at the moment?

The sector is better than ever. In the pandemic the world society has been consuming audiovisual content, the streaming platforms were used every day, new ways more effective on producing have surged and the remotes production has come to stay.  

  • Going to an end, we know that you have participated in lots of projects, but is there any kind of project that you have been pending? 

I´m a person that needs to be out of my comfort zone. That’s why I went to London, Barcelona, New York… In the meantime, I have shot everything that you can imagine. Nowadays, where I feel more comfortable is in the film and documentary film. I’m interested in working in social impacting vs entertainment. 

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