The most important audiovisual production companies in the world

One of the major part of the entertainment industry is the film industry, second only to the video game industry. We’ve all chosen to stay at home and watch a movie on Sunday afternoon. But who does this kind of production? Well, it’s the film companies.

To get into context, we’ll tell you more about what film companies are. Well, they are companies that produce content for distribution. This content can be movies, programs, video clips, short films, and every kind of production you can imagine. In addition, this content is produced for a specific medium, such as television, film, music, video games, etc.

Nowadays, there are 5 film companies that produce most of the content we consume. In this article, we’ve put together a list for you to meet.

Universal Pictures

Film Companies

Universal Pictures is an American production company. Its production studios and corporate offices are between California and New York City. The Universal umbrella include a lot of entertainment ventures, including the production and distribution of motion pictures and music.

Some of the most famous movies it has produced are Jurassic World, Minions, The Fast and the Furious, How the Grinch Stole Christmas or Jaws.

Paramount Pictures

Film Companies

Paramount Pictures is another American audiovisual production company and global entertainment distributor filmed since 1912 with more than 1000 films in its portfolio. This study produces content for all audiences, connecting with billions of people. 

Top Gun, The Godfather, Forrest Gump, Interestellar, Titanic or Grease are just some of the thousands of films this has produced.

Warner Bros Pictures

Warner Bros Pictures

Batman, Harry Potter, The Flash, The Lord of the Rings, Tom & Jerry or The Shining are classics that we all have ever seen in life. Well, so they are produced by Warner Bros, an audiovisual production company. 

Its differentiation from other production companies is the complete portfolio of content, brands and franchises. In addition, its content can be seen both on television, as well as in movies, streaming and gaming.

Walt Disney Pictures

Film Companies

Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, The Lion King or The Little Mermaid are just some of the movies we all have seen when we were kids. They automatically transport you to your childhood.

Well, they’re all produced by Walt Disney Pictures, a subsidiary film company of Walt Disney Studios, which is owned by The Walt Disney Company. Its differentiation is to provide family entertainment and interactive media to a wide customer base. For this reason, we can find fans of all ages.

Columbia Pictures

Columbia Pictures

Columbia Pictures is an American film company owned by Sony Pictures. Harry Cohn, Jack Cohn and Joe Brandt founded it in 1918. Nowadays, it is one of the most important film companies in the world.

Among their productions include Ghostbusters, The Karate Kid, Stuart Little, Zombieland, Men in Black, Bad Boys… A long list of titles we all know and have enjoyed!

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